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We are not talking Wix or Weebly type sites. We aren't mad at you if you used those companies to get started but honestly, business wise it is hard to take a business seriously when there is a big "Get Yours For FREE" at the bottom of their page.

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The Bright Black Project

The #keepit100 initiative removes money as the excuse for not shining.

I was recently in a discussion about supporting Black Businesses without asking for a discount..

In my 17 years of doing business I have found that sometimes Black Businesses charge a bit more for their product and services because they don't get consistent support from the Black community to lower their prices and giving a discount can sometimes be detrimental to them staying in business. It creates a rock and a hard place situation.

So brainstorming on what we could do to make a difference and be an agent of change, several companies got together and created The BrightBlack #keepit100 Project with the goal of removing money as the reason for not shining brightly online.

If you are a Black Owned Business and in desperate need of world class website but have not been able to afford it. BrightBlack will Keep It $100 for you.



Fill out our simple registration form to get on the waiting list.



Once you register and send in the neccesary verification information, one of our team members will contact you to complete your application.



Once you are registered, verified, and qualified, a member of our design team will work with you to complete your website and end the nightmare.

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If you are a Black Owned Business in need of a world class website...

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The Bright Black #keepit100 Project removes money as the excuse for not shining.